Do you only work with bridal business owners?

This is an art direction agency that specializes in lovers and bridal, but you don't have to be in the bridal realm to reach out. I offer custom services such as:

  • Model Portfolio Curation

  • Nail Art Lookbooks

  • Hotel/Tourism Campaigns

  • Accessory Styling + Lookbooks

  • Honeymoon/Swimwear Lookbooks

  • Hair and Makeup Portfolio Curation

  • Lingerie Styling + Product Placement

  • High Fashion/Couture Art Direction + Styling

Note: Availability for these services is limited, but feel free to contact me.

How far in advance should I book with you?

Honestly, the sooner, the better. The more time we have to walk through your products and campaign, the better it will be. Having time allocated to scope out the market is a must. I don't rush projects or copy what I've seen done to no end. To create original work takes time so don't be afraid to reach out in the initial stages.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. All meetings, fittings, in-studio shoots, and hair and makeup trials are by appointment only. We're not open for walk-ins at any time. Once your appointment is confirmed, appointment length, directions, parking info, and your appointment reminder will be texted to you.

How long will my appointment be?

Appointment length times will vary depending on the service you're coming in for. When you're sent an appointment confirmation text, the length of your appointment will be listed. All in-studio appointments are at least an hour long. If you need additional time, you can schedule another appointment at the front desk.

How many people can I bring to my appointment?

The experience is catered for up to three people. If you need accommodations for more, please let me know beforehand. I've found the opinion of a trusted few always makes for easier decision making for you.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

If we're discussing your campaign, bring sample pieces you'd like featured, any model pictures, inspiration pictures, ideas, and tactile pieces. Racks and tables are available to keep the pieces pristine.

If you're coming for a fitting, bring undergarments (preferably nude tones and/or white undershirts) and shoes you're considering wearing. If you’re not wearing underwear, disposable ones will be provided. If you don't have the appropriate shoes, let me know beforehand along with your shoe size. I'll pull some from the studio closet for you.

If your appointment is a beauty trial run, bring your basic makeup kit. If you don't wear makeup, send an unfiltered picture of you in natural light with a fresh face. If your hair is to be styled, it should be clean, but do NOT wash it the day of.

Note: Let me know about any food or product allergies as well as dietary preferences.

Studio Amenities:

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Unisex restrooms

  • Breastfeeding lounge

  • Staffed childcare area

  • Braille engraved signage

  • Oversized fitting rooms

  • On-staff ASL interpreter

  • Personal charging stations