She’s mad, but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.
— Charles Bukowski


My very soul had to create El Renacimiento. 

2016 was bat s#!* crazy in a lot of ways. I'd suffered major losses that made me think I'd never take another deep breath. The pain had become physical.  At the same time, some of the most beautiful events in my life were happening. Everything was wonderful, painful, sad, and happy.

I had this desire. I wanted to continue producing art and steer more away from the conventional.  I knew I could get clients but the work wasn't as fulfilling as it once had been. I knew if I made the change, I'd lose lots of people along the way, but it was time to honor the woman that I am and the women that I surround myself with. It was exhilarating and scary to send those emails, sit on those Skypes, and make the phone calls telling my beautiful clients of where my work was going.  Being true to myself has never failed me, and it won't fail me now. The ones who understood my journey were unfailing in their devotion. I'm thankful to all of them, no matter their decision.

Then I sat down with my music, a sketch pad, and a glass of lemonade. What came of those doodles and bits of script are now the editorial, El Renacimiento. Now, I'm so glad for the experiences of 2016. Without those moments of difficulty, moments of beauty like these below wouldn't exist.

I'm eternally grateful to Anna Harp (photographer), Jessica Whalen (videographer), Nathaniel Stone (studio owner), and Payton Marshall (muse) for participating in this project that made me feel a bit like a rebel.



I'm so thrilled to present my latest collection, Bautismo.

It all started in May when I became obsessed with a memoir called, "Just Kids". Set in the 60's and 70's, the book revolves around Patti Smith's relationship with legendary photographer Robert Maplethorpe and the epochal days of NYC in the height of art, poetry, sexual freedom, love, and music.

I immediately knew that this was the tone for LLE. With a beautiful yet slightly undone aesthetic in mind, the gown for this concept had to be bold yet feminine, soft yet edgy, and glamorous yet effortless. I worked with the ladies at She Said Yes and found the perfect one.

On a blisteringly hot day, my team and I made some magic in the quiet at a private residence. The mood was calm yet electric. I felt there was an underlying buzz and hustle about to happen. With perfect lighting, we shot look after look, ending in a creek just before the thunderstorms rolled in.

Photographed by the talented Andrea Clark and modeled by one of my favorites Tonia and the awesome Aaron. It was an incredible shoot at one of the most amazing estates on the outskirts, and I'm so proud of Bautismo. A very special thank you to my friend Suylen Chavira for doing another spectacular look on makeup. It was artistry.