Brand Style Guide for LaDonna Lanier

-Logo, Fonts, Colors, Photography Style

Logo Variations 

Logo Do’s

The LaDonna Lanier logo is usually in black print with a solid white background.

If the logo is on a colored background, the logo is a contrasting shade in the same color family.

Logo Don’t’s

The primary logo should never be tilted or rotated.

The logo and the background should never be in contrasting color families.


01. Body Text

Use clean text such as Proxima Nova or Avenir Next

02. Header Text

Regular, Semi-Bold, and Bold can be used. A font such as Raleway is preferred.


Primary-To be used on the website and business stationery.

Secondary- To be used in vlog post images and other collateral.


LaDonna Lanier images are understated with a nostalgic, granny chic vibe. The aesthetic of the brand is clean and artistic.