Speaking for Conferences, Retreats, and Etc.

Need an experienced speaker for your next event? I'd be honored to be considered: I deliver engaging, powerful talks to creative business owners, women's events, church and university groups, and creative workshops.

At 21, I began speaking around the nation to women's groups on leadership development and employee recruitment, and later marketing/branding messaging all these years later and I still love it.
Here's the scoop on my signature talks, what to expect, and more.



Art Direction is the art and science of imaging that coach a conversion in marketing—something I first honed working for my own wedding planning clients. This session teaches creative entrepreneurs how to DIY their own "launch", from understanding the client journey, discovering their unique selling proposition, and basic art direction formulas to plug and play.


Work from a place of rest

In 2016, I was dealing with my own health crisis, being caregiver to a family member with a long-term illness, overworked, overly stressed, and exhausted. I'd invested lots of money and time into a brand new beauty team and aligned with lots of new brands to bring in business to support said team. Within days of finalizing the brands' new business, I watched the team dissolve, leaving me with clients and no team to assist... I never thought anyone would intentionally try to impact my business so negatively. Recovering from the shock and building a new team taught me "new rules" of perfectionism, delegation, and engagement. Attendees gain insight on employee/employer responsibilities, releasing negative team members, and tribe sync awareness, tools to use themselves, and more.


Client copy for creatives

This session can be tailored for your audience: I've given it to more advanced entrepreneurs (funnel mapping, A/B testing, Fibonacci sequences, oh my!) and to beginners (think opt-in, segmentation, and newsletter basics). This one works great for the digital platform—you'll learn how to grow your business, improve the reader experience, and more.