I support my dreams and family as an art director. After spending ten years in wedding planning and styling, I wanted to do more. More intuition. More inspiration. More emotion. I wanted to take my job of creativity, beauty, and style to a new level. Through my love of fashion and of subtly in aesthetics, as an art director, I succeed everyday in setting new standards in campaign design.

I love reinventing the world of bridal fashion and giving boutique labels that something special. I want to accompany my brave entrepreneurial babes on their way to mainstream and focus on unconventional marketing. I love discovering new perspectives and blurring borders because that’s where you’ll find the most extraordinary stories to tell. Design is my language. Individual styles are my signature. My goal is to partner with you to create a visual language, awaken feelings, and create exceptional moods. I recognize upcoming trends early, adapt them, and give them my own twist. Each campaign is design with the highest standards and tailored to the needs and expectations of my clients.

Most days, you'll find me with a client, at a ridiculous location, high-fiving, scribbling on my clipboard, and making pure magic. Other days, I'm at my desk, sketching, planning visuals, and filling racks with beautiful bridal pieces. No matter where I am, you can count on my playlists being with me.

I say yes to secret tattoos, all black everything, power naps, walking into the money and time abyss that is Target, and knowing every word to Baby Got Back. It's impossible to shame me about any of these things because I'm unashamed. 

I serve creative women by creating marketing visuals in a world of digital data.

I'm in love with serving as your brand's storyteller, so you can make time for what matters - - things like family, calm energy, good books, and naps.