Taking on Fall/Winter Clientele


I'm excited about the direction my business has taken. As I'm evolving as an art director, I'm discovering how passionate I am about branding. There are many areas of design I feel drawn to, but branding is the clear sweet spot between where my skills lie and what brings my clients the most value.

I'm looking to take on new branding clients for the fall and beyond, and I was wondering if you knew anyone who is looking to stand out in the bridal field with new branding. Of course, I'd take extra special care of anyone you refer.

Do you know anyone who'd be a good fit? I'd like to contact new referrals over the spring and summer months for consult calls and scheduling. If you know of anyone, message me directly and let me know. In return, I'll send you a gift card to one of my favorite locally owned shops (it's an easy $50 bucks for you!). 

Thanks, babes. You always look out for me!

ladonna lanierComment