Defining Your Goals: For Your Business and Your Life

Sure every one of you has heard you should set goals, but do you know why it's important for both your business and your life? No, this isn't some silly method to keep that New Year's resolution you've already given up on. It's about defining specific, measurable goals that will motivate you to achieve them.



Saying you will get 10 loads of laundry folded and dishes put away will more than likely put you off to a terrible start (not that cleaning can't be your thing). Before you even start making a list you need to get your head around your goals being motivational. What will actually pump you up, set yourself apart, and make you shine? I was in the wrong frame of mind. I was shooting for that next level and not the next thing that would fulfill my spirit and myself.



Saying you will redo your website isn't even close to specific. Perhaps you want to refresh your website to drive more traffic, get more leads, and attain customers. The goal is aspirational, but not specific in nature. Who is involved? What is my desired outcome?


You defined that you want to drive more traffic to attain more customers, but how would you ,measure that? Perhaps , 3 months from launching you want to have created on average 20% more traffic daily., 10% more conversion to leads and 5% moving into customer acquisitions.


Woah! You just said you wanted 20% more traffic? Cool, that's measurable but is it attainable? If you are driving 100 daily readers to your blog, 20% more may be totally within reach, but what if that number was 10x? Make sure your measurable goal is actually attainable.


If your specific, measurable, attainable traffic is to build a new website that drives 20% more traffic, but 90% of your sales are in retail, this may not be relevant. Are your goals actually pushing your overall aspirations forward?


You must give yourself an overall time constraint. Give yourself a due date. To make these large goals possible they must have a deadline. Perhaps you outline the major goal to be done in 3 months. Perfect. Now what?

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