Unapologetic 018


For the past three years, I've picked a work/phrase that's been my motto for the year. 2018 will be no different, but I wanted to write a quick post about it so you'll know the meaning behind it.

As I've stepped into my creativity more, my client list has gotten smaller. I literally lost five clients in 2017. No worries! 2017 was my most relaxed AND profitable year since becoming an entrepreneur.

In 2017, I stopped being so open. I'd been open to every person and every project and I was feeling spent. So, I prioritized myself, my family, and my business. Once I incorporated the word "No" without explanation, I became less busy. I could focus on doing tasks well-not just getting them done. I felt free!

So yah, this year, my word is "unapologetic". If it's not "hell yes", it's a hard pass and I ain't sorry. Just in the last few weeks, I've already been asked to reign in my vision on MY creative projects. Being "unapologetic" about the way I show up in the world isn't always easy, but I feel more freedom and strength every time. Everything I do this year and everyone I work with will be in line with my business goals and expectations. It's already uncomfortable, but I'd rather be uncomfortable than stuck.

The second reason I chose "unapologetic" is because lately I've had an extra loud dialogue playing on repeat. It tells me I'm not doing something well enough. I'd be shocked if you didn't have some sort of inner conversation taking place in your head at any given moment. The thing about negative inner dialogue is when it gets so loud I can't hear anything else. I can't hear the truth. I make myself and my work smaller. Truth is, I'm doing my best. I'm talented, blessed, and happy. I chose my word this year to continue to say no to harmful influences/people/behaviors and be "unapologetic" in my thoughts, confidence, and influence.

Being "unapologetic" is friggin amazing already! I'll let you use my word any time you want. Are you brave enough? What's your 2018 motto?

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