What LLE Is All About

LLE is completely committed to bringing fresh content to business owners through editorials. The entire team is focused on bringing new concepts to life in your campaigns. We use these campaigns to market to new and potential clients as well as to continue to stretch our creative muscles. We don't offer cheesy, done-to-death decor and styling. We don't promote just any brand willing to throw a few dollars our way for advertising either. We're discerning about the brands we promote because we know what appeals to stylish readers. Our directory is a handpicked selection of talented artists and creatives that we truly believe in and would enlist to work on our own events in a heartbeat.


All manner of communication about your project (whether email or phone) will take place between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. CST. All phone calls will be scheduled ahead of time. This is to ensure your project has my complete focus before, during, and directly after our conversation.


I'm extremely dedicated to this work and choose to work with vendors of the same mindset. I am all in to treat you with respect, have fun, and create beautiful work. With that, I expect to be treated kindly by you and your associates as well. Everyone has a bad day so I always give a freebie, but if we can't come from a place of respect, we'll need to separate.


Our relationship is intended to be friendly, professional, and beneficial. I have a casual demeanor. I tend to invite people over for dinner to discuss their project. I adore my vendors and hug them often. I walk into every project with an open mind and heart. I'm asking that you so the same. The process doesn't have to be all-encompassing. Let's walk into the experience trusting, pushing our boundaries, and developing something fresh and new.

Every client I encounter is important and deserves my undivided attention. That's why I require each client to have her own private appointment, which typically takes 90 minutes. I want to spend enough time getting to know my clients, understanding your style, and creating your vision.

Timing is everything: I recommend that we begin the creative process at least 8-12 weeks before your photo shoot date. I also require a confirmation meeting 8-12 days before shoot/event day.



After an inquiry, I'll send you a price list, questions about your project, and FAQs.

You are required to complete these questions before I schedule a meeting.

If you live in Little Rock or the surrounding area, I try to do an in-person meeting, but often these meetings occur over the phone.

In these meetings, I go over specific questions I have based on your questionnaire answers, and we outline everything that is included in the project, time frame, and budget.

If/when you send back the questionnaire, I'll decide if I'm a good fit or not and explain why. We'll either proceed or I'll refer you elsewhere.

Welcome Package + Research

After the initial meeting, I'll follow up with a welcome package. This package includes the invoice for the project's deposit, project contract, as well as an outline of your homework.

I'll also send you a link to Asana where you can upload any all materials needed for the project.

In my contract, I specify that you'll have 10 business days to return feedback to me. 

This allows me time to plan and schedule projects accordingly.

It also keeps the project "fresh".

This time frame gives you enough time to "sleep" on the project.

During this time, I also do research into your current website and social media.

Presentation of Concepts-Step 1

I'll present three primary concepts with a mood board for each. The mood boards draw inspiration from the client's Pinterest board and other images. 

The client will select the concept they'd like to see developed.

Expansion + Refinement-Step 2:

I design out the concept selected.Finalize-Step 3:

I'll make any edits to the overall design.

Development: Step 4:

When I present the framework, I ask clients to give me feedback on everything. Based on their feedback, we'll determine if a revision is needed.

Once the framework is approved, I develop the project. I'll build out any assets such as location, wardrobe, hair and makeup artists, models, etc.

Installation + Follow Up: Step 5:

The projected payment is required before I install it.

We'll spend our time together creating the agreed upon scope of work. I follow up with clients about 4 weeks after the install. I like to check in to make sure everything was satisfactory.


Several of my vendors and I have partnered to offer a curated selection of designs for you to preview. This pre-paid experience will allow you to select pieces for your vision.


I request a 50% deposit on shoots and events. The day of your event, the balance plus any applicable tax is due. Cash, debit, and credit cards are accepted.