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LaDonna Lanier



Art Director

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I'm LaDonna.

I specialize in art direction and styling for bridal fashion brands. I love creatives + anything cult. Out of the ordinary blows my mind. I'm forever experimenting. You won't find two of my campaigns that are the same.

On shoot days, we laugh, we dance, and yes-we may shed tears.

I love creating quirky campaigns that excite both my clients and myself. I think of these campaigns as artwork and create them to be a unique representation of your company.

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Art Direction for the high, style, chill bridal brand.

My style is mega informal. You'll be surprised how relaxed working with me is. I tell your brand's story and capture the true emotions and energy you want to relay to your clients.

I love getting to know my clients. We'll hang out as much as you want. Very often, clients become friends, and I love that. I can't wait to meet you.

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"Awww Shit Balls!

-Kat W.

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Services Include:

Art Direction



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Art Direction

We offer art direction to help conceptualize and create a seamless creative output in all areas of your business. Let us help you with creative direction for your photo shoots, look books, social media, anything requiring a ‘look and feel’ with flair.

Creative Consults


 & Photography Direction

Visual Style Consults & 

Talent/Brand Alignments

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Travel expenses >>  I love to travel.

Any further than 1 hour away from me, will require provided travel + accommodation fees.

If flights are in question, message me for bespoke pricing.

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Waiting List

>> Where the Magic Happens <<

You won't find two of my campaigns to be the same. I pour my heart into every nuance when I'm creating a bespoke campaign to suit you and your audience. Each client's needs are completely different + I love representing the feel + vibe of your brand.

This love takes time >> I would never dream of rushing through our creative process.

I can promise you I'm as excited to get your campaign as you are to receive it. During busy periods, there can be a wait as I'm making magic for the client before you. All you babes are special to me.

Feel free to tell me what campaigns you felt connected the most to your style.

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"I'm seriously obsessed with LaDonna and everything she creates!"

-Rachael L.


Follow my journey.

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