Bridal Is A Hobby, Not A Career

I'm constantly being asked what my story is. Since I can only share snippets on Instagram, I decided to share more about myself on the blog in hopes of inspiring all you lovely readers to be the person you've always dreamed of. For one, bridal concepts are my art, my passion, and I want nothing more than to make my clients' campaigns look beautiful and alive. I love the essence of art behind branding transformations and the feeling my clients have when they see their new lookbooks. I absolutely love my career, but I should clarify: this life-being a completely booked art director-was not handed to me on a silver platter. I think that's why I'm as appreciative as I am.

I knew at a very young age that I didn't want to live a traditional lifestyle. I mean, what seven year old has a checklist for her imaginary business? I even taught myself how to create wedding dresses from old lace tablecloths when I was five. That's when I knew I had a natural talent for styling and conceptualizing looks. Art direction is just that-it's art. I was born to share my art with the world.

Despite my desire to make a creative living, I grew up in a fairly traditional household. I received a great education and had a really wonderful career. With that said, I wanted to start a party planning business, my mom was completely enthusiastic as long as I kept my conventional occupation. After all, as plenty of people reminded me, that is a hobby, not a career. Secretly, I shared with my guy that those words would motivate me to reach my goals. To really understand my drive, you need to know that the disapproving remarks of some were the catalyst to my career as an art director. I was determined to prove this could be a legitimate and successful career. I made it.

In order to thrive, I continue to take risks and forge my own path. I'll end on this note: yes, some members of my family's negativity gave me a push, I never gave up on my dreams. The support I receive from my love, my mom, friends, clients, and followers fuels my ability to improve my skill and surpass limitations. No matter your dream, don't be afraid to let go of whatever is holding you back! Live a life of fulfillment, not regret.