Ode to Ash

Three years ago this month was a hectic month for reasons that are now long forgotten. And then one morning, mid-February while I was rushing around doing all the things people don't think you do when you work from home, the doorbell rang. "Hi. I'm Ashley" said the gracious young woman who was standing at my threshold. She had black glasses, two long braids, and good vibes. I hadn't checked my email to know that UALR had rescheduled her interview time. Minutes later though, we were sitting on my sofa deep diving into my transition into art direction and where I wanted to go over the next several years.

Ash became a member of the LLE tribe the following week and it was a whirlwind. We were launching LLE, prepping to renovate a bus, searching for a studio space, paring down and expanding, and I was a mess. With a vicious yet calm, Type A, Excel-obsessed focus that only an angel assistant could possess, Ashley, Business Management student, math whiz, and master of keeping her cool-quickly whipped my shit into shape. And we've been non stop ever since.

Picture Project Runway meets NYFW meets The Devil Wears Prada with a little bit of The Source documentary, Dazed and Confused plus Say Yes To The Dress. Maybe a touch of the famous "Freeway Freakout" scene in Clueless. That is our day to day. And I wouldn't have it any other way. We're knocking it out of the water so far this year: hard at work on the I.O.F.W.G series, finishing edits on new Rebel Bride moodboards, knocking out killer content, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks, of course, to my right hand Ash. She's gone from a part-time employee and student to a full-time employee who'll be starting her own business this summer. She's endlessly devoted, energetic, and ready to rock and roll. In fact, just today, she yelled at me for scheduling a meeting with our client on February 29th. Whatever.