How'd I Get Here???

Wow! Someone posed that question in our consultation today.

I've lived a minimum of 85 lifetimes in this body. None have been harrowing but all have been interesting.

But the way that I got into the bridal industry was pure accident but a passion was definitely awakened in me as soon as I started. Even since I've been in this industry, I've continued to evolve as I've grown on my own path and really met people who've opened my eyes to a different way of operating my business.

I ended up here because I was tired of being inundated with overly adorned bridal pics that all looked eerily similar. I was exhausted with the Pantone color of the year copycats. I wanted to create something that wasn't trendy at all. I wanted to reflect who I was and the women around me were. We weren't these doll-like women with blank stares and crazy amounts of makeup that stared lovingly at horses in a field. We were educated, flawed, wonderful, terrible, funny, sexy, raw, music lovers, world travelers, diverse, and virtually unseen in the bridal industry. So, I just began creating what we were. I mirrored back what I wanted and maybe even needed to see. 

Bridal has always been kind to me, but never have I been as fulfilled in this industry as I am now. I'm eternally grateful.