El Renacimiento

I was so blessed to team up with Jessica Whalen, videography extraordinaire to create this shoot. Jessica recommended that I partner with Anna Harp, an incredible photographer who absolutely stunned me with her limitless talent. My muse, Payton, who you may have seen in my Legado and Admiration shoots rounded out this veritable dream team of women.

Bridal editorial can be challenging because the dress is the focal point and accessories and other small pieces play a part in the aesthetic.

The concept of this shoot, El Renacimiento, however, was to make the direction minimal and powerful and translate it into an inspiring editorial.

"El Renacimiento": loosely translated, means rebirth. My last project was called Bautismo or Baptism and I feel like this is a rebirth for me. I work in the bridal industry which sometimes the work can feel cliche and overly adorned. I never like to follow trends. I like to take away the distractions and leave my heart in my projects and be really unique.  I wanted to honor the woman who lives in me and the women that surround me. I started writing out who this particular bride was: This is a woman who listens to Stevie Nicks, John Lennon, and The Staples Singers. She's well-traveled. She's high-style but chill. She's strong and fragile. She's comfortable breaking the rules. She's authentic, elegant, and effortless. She's wonderful and flawed. She's the epitome of cool. 

It's with this shoot, I invite you to the soft launch of my new site, Rebel Bride. It's a new resource in the wedding media landscape to share unconventional inspiration for unconventional brides. Next month, I'll finally be starting a series I call, I.O.F.W.G. It's a year long project so I'm happy to finally be able to begin. So if you feel like it, pay me a visit over there and see what you think.


This entire set-up totally took my breath away. I love the way the dress contrasts with the studio.


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Venue: StoneRidge Recording

Photography: Anna Harp

Videography: Jessica Whalen

Art Direction: LaDonna Lanier

Muse: Payton Marshall

Angel Assistant: My big bro, Keith!