Sunday's Secrets: Growth

Hello Lovelies,

This week has been full of light and love. Today’s reflections are all about growth and change.

I’m changing. It’s both frightening and exciting. Most people think growth comes from pain.. you know “you grow through what you go through.” But flowers need the sunshine just as much as they need rain to bloom.  In the midst of winter, I am currently blooming. I’m so full of things that I’ve never been filled with that I’m being forced to change the way I view myself, the world, and the people I love. Every morning this week has started with a smile, and every night has ended with a reassuring certainty that my tomorrows will be as great as I allow them.

What I Learned this week:

  1. It is okay to outgrow friendships, relationships, people, and situations. We are constantly evolving and sometimes we can’t carry certain things to the next stop on our journey.
  2. Be happy with your happiness. Sometimes I feel like I’m not allowed to be THIS happy. But I am. You are. Live in your happiness when you have it because it may be fleeting.
  3. Energy is transferable. Surround yourself with people who are on the same wave as you, anything else is a disservice to yourself.