FEATURED: She Said Yes Blog

About nine months or so ago, I contacted She Said Yes Bridal on a whim to see if they'd be interested in working with me on a shoot that would take place at The Barn at Twin Oaks. Luckily, the oh so lovely and patient Jeri Haggard responded with a resounding yes. I was beyond excited. The day of, Jeri and Christin packed up 5 dresses, kits of accessories, and some of the most gorgeous veils and drove from Rogers, Arkansas to Dardanelle. Now if that isn't dedication to your craft I don't know what is! These ladies were phenomenal. They got the girls dressed, accessorized, and ready to rock. 

Confession: I have major Virgo brain. Major. I plan. Plot. Critique myself. Then repeat. What I hadn't planned on was the massive amounts of rain we'd receive a few days before the shoot and the HORSES at the Barn. Ha! So picture these five beautiful women dressed as brides with boots and old tennis shoes on underneath these gorgeous gowns. To move some of those dresses and keep them clean took between 2 and 4 people each! Thankfully Christin, Jeri, the LLE Lovelies, and the ladies from the Barn were all in! We traipsed along from spot to spot, one dress at a time with NO major problems. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Anyway, a few weeks ago, these ladies were kind enough to feature Legado on their brand new blog! Huge hugs and major thanks to the entire team at SSY! I really loved working with you ladies!

Check out the post here!