I got the images for Admiration back from Erin Wilson Photography this morning. Talk about a way to start the day! I couldn't have been more thrilled with the outcome! 

Admiration was born from women.

Real women. Grown. Ass. Women.

Real women empower each other. Real women applaud each other. Real women support each other. I'm choosing to admire real women and be one myself. Payton is the perfect example of a real woman. She's genuine, loving, and caring. Plus she's got a devilish sense of humor. My LLE Lovelies are real women as well. They are strong, smart, sassy, and talented. I'm proud that THIS group of women came together and gave the world Admiration. 

Now on to a bit of backstory...

On shoot day, Payton showed up bright and early all smiles and hugs and carrying some pretty amazing dresses. I was groggy but still nosy enough to peek in the bags! I'd stalked her Facebook and Instagram for days looking for the pieces I thought would make the most impact. She even brought another dress that was stellar!  Once Hayley and Suylen showed up, the show got started. I made my famous breakfast bread, grilled watermelon, and strawberries because nothing says, "a model is here" more than breakfast bread! Ha! Anyway, we ate. We laughed. I cried like a wuss. Makeup was applied. Hair was SPRAYED. We were ready!

We piled in cars and headed to the salon. There we met the sweet, creative, and wildly talented Erin Wilson. Erin is quiet. She laughs with her hand over her mouth to stifle the noise. The cutest thing ever!! I think she just lets her talent speak for her though. I was honored that she accepted this project and look forward to working with her again.

I posted a few previews but you need to see more on Facebook and on the site!

Of course, my thanks and heart eyes go to Hayley and Suylen for being amazing at what they do. Without them, the vision wouldn't have been so perfect. Thanks, my loves!

Photography: Erin Wilson Photography

Makeup: Suylen Chavira

Hair: Hayley Tucker

Muse: Payton Marshall