I was supposed to be done with this DAYS ago and for that, I apologize.

Over the last few months, I've been honing my craft, building some honest relationships with some uber talented vendors, and just being unsettled. I needed to be uncomfortable for a while. So that's what I've been doing-nose to the grindstone, working, exposing some vulnerabilities, and listening. 2016 has been so transformative. It's been brilliant, hard, terrible, and wonderful-sometimes all at the same time. I made a conscious decision to interrupt a lot of frivolous interactions on social media and even via text. I needed to have some time to just learn.

So a few of the lessons that I needed to learn were:

I needed to be more mindful of the energy I was allowing in my life as well as the energy I was expelling. I love positive vibes and you can't force that. It has to be organic on both sides of the relationship. If it's not there, that's okay. There are tons of like-minded individuals out there and it's great to seek those little rays of sunshine out!

I could survive and even thrive by editing some business relationships. AND it didn't have to be personal. I could walk away and still have positive feelings and cheer those people on in their ventures. That was invaluable!

I love weddings! I love styling weddings! I love love stories! But I was still exhausted! I never wanted bridal to leave my repertoire but I just didn't want to keep up with the travel, the 18 hour work days, the work behind the day of. Even though a couple of years ago, I removed wedding planning as a service and just stuck with making weddings pretty, I was still just overworked. So another step in the transition is to no longer take on wedding styling as a full time service. Of course, there's always some bridal beauty or some amazing opportunity that I won't want to slip through my fingers and I'll snag those. Overall though, the weddings chapter of my book seems to be closing. I haven't posted ANY of the weddings I've done in the last year or more and eventually those will pop up here on the blog as inspiration and general eye candy. I'm not sad about this decision. I'm actually super happy. (SN: if you're a vendor and want some info about some 2017 weddings, hit me up!)

Even though I've kind of seen this coming for about two years, I didn't know where I'd end up because I adore anything bridal! Well, because I allowed some discomfort around me, doors opened so beautifully. I'll still get to travel. I'll be blogging more. And I'll get to create! I'll be working with some really great bridal brands to create styled shoots and help out in branding! The irony! The unplugged chick is getting to help companies brand! Because fashion is always inspiring EVERYTHING I do, I'm also taking on some really special small businesses to help tell their stories. These makers are really phenomenal and I couldn't be more honored to be a small part of their journeys.

I'm grateful to EVERY single person who sent that inquiry, emailed or texted an encouraging word, every person who ever worked on a wedding or shoot in any capacity, just everyone who's been on this adventure with me. You all have helped me blossom as I was just out here winging it. You've taught me, critiqued me, and made me want to do better. I hope to take all these lessons and help others. Please continue to love me, help me, and encourage me. I certainly am still in your corner! I'm scared, excited, and super ready for this new step. 

Of course, if you or someone you know might be interested in collaborating, just click here. I'm always down!

Hugs, boos!