Transforming and Evolving

The past few weeks have been pretty eventful...even though I've been trying to take time to be more still and quiet.

I've had some moments of anxiety. I'm a Virgo and whenever things are out of my control, I have to force myself to reset. So I sat outside while it rained and took in the warmth. I let the pain heal and the bright light to shine on thoughts and feelings that truly matter. I've stepped away from a lot of social media and more frivolous interactions. It's brought clarity in regards of communication and relationships. I've got relationships that need more attention than they have in a long time. Being more present in those friendships has turned out to be one of the most exciting things to tap into.

I crave challenges. Can't live without them. There are many kinds of challenges. What's common among them is that they all impact our soul. These successes and the failures especially are those that make up the foundation of transformation.

Sometimes taking a break from routines and trying something new can answer our questions. Thank you for allowing me to be seen, heard, for inspiring and encouraging me to be the best version of me I can.