I'm so pumped to about this post!!!!

I've been spending my days buried deep beneath a mountain of catch up emails, video editing projects, and ALL THE FEELS of all things bridal lately. 

But...real talk...I insta-stalk my favorite models and imagine them in various projects all the time! Well, Rabekah happens to be one of those people. I needed some sass in my life and they don't come much sassier than this chica. We'd only worked together twice before this Fixation shoot, and I just liked her. I liked her pout, her shoulders, her nose, all that. I also really liked Rabekah. She's one of those people that you just admire her genuine goodness. She moved to Chicago last year but every once in a while I'll message her asking when she's coming back to Arkansas for a visit. Finally, we were able to get together for a little street style shoot I'm calling Fixation.

I messaged her and requested basically every article of clothing from her closet. Rabekah is an interesting soul. Sometimes I could see her in a Robert Palmer video from the eighties. Other times I see her on a pontoon listening to the most eclectic mix of country, rock, and rap. Then there are times I see her as a little irreverent Rihanna loving doll. I liked that Rihanna influence and thought it would be fun to mix lots of elements of her personality for a downtown shoot. 

So, picture Rabekah showing up with her sweetie Mike and her awesome sister Samantha with a massive bag of clothes...dresses, jeans, bodysuits, everything! I was in heaven! I don't know if it's my memory, Chicago, Mike, or what, but Rabekah looked amazing with absolutely no fancy hair and makeup. She looked so happy. That made my heart happy for her. She's such a light and she deserves all the joy her beautiful heart can hold.

My girls Suylen and Chaz were in for makeup and hair. I wanted bold lips, curls, headscarves...everything. Suylen did a spectacular job on her face! I was dying! She looked so great! Chaz literally curled and pinned locks from the time she walked in the door. Her hair was exactly what I wanted! Chaz even sacrificed her scarf all in the name of Fixation! Thanks, boo!

Finally, we all piled into Suylen's car and headed downtown. Now, if you read my blog regularly, you know I've done downtown with Rabekah twice before. I wanted some new spaces with her though. Suylen was our photographer of the day and man, did she rock it out!

As usual, my girls went above and beyond on Beauty. Rabekah was fantastic. We had fun. I'm literally already planning our next shoot! I love you, ladies! 

I now present to you, Fixation!

Concept: Me

Photography/Makeup/Driver: Suylen Chavira

Hair/Wardrobe Handler/Pose Boss: Chaz Gogel

Muse: Rabekah Wheeler

Entourage/Hype Crew/Dinner Buyers: Samantha Wheeler and Mike Castro