Suylen Chavira

Sometimes people come into your life and you think you've mapped out the specific reason they're coming into your space only to discover you're completely wrong. Ahem...that, my lovelies, is the only way I know to introduce Suylen Chavira aka Suly.

Suly came into my life as part of a wonderful makeup team for my shoot Legado. I had no idea she was even coming that day. Immediately, there was something so genuine and wonderful about her. I was drawn to her. She was funny and talented and something else. It was the something else that intrigued me. I couldn't figure out what made me want to stick to her, talk to her, learn more about her. Personally, I believe in friendship at first sight and for me, Suly was my new partner in crime!

As I described her to my guy, my mom, and my bestie, they all said the same thing, "She sounds like you." My response was always a little surprised that they'd comment the same way and then I'd say, "Oh no! She's so funny and crazy talented. I just like her. I think she's a bit devilish though." And they'd say, "Like I said..."

As the months went on, I got to know Suly. Not the makeup artist but Suly the woman. Sometimes it made me uncomfortable. It was hard watching someone so much like yourself that you knew what they were going to say before they spoke a syllable. I saw her armor was tough but her heart was soft and cautiously open. I saw a passion for her craft that went beyond logic. She'd do anything to make a shoot perfect. She'd say exactly what she thought about something regardless of what the cost. She stood in her truth. Like me. Suly was my girl creative soul mate! 

In the year I've known her, I've come to realize that Suly wasn't put in my life to make models pretty. Suly was put in my life to push me. She will never know the impact she's had on my life, my heart, and my business. Suly reminded me that sometimes talent is just God-given. No amount of classes can compare to what just flows naturally. She reminded me that I can share a huge part of my personal life and it not be used as a weapon against me. She reminded me of what this business' culture is: Be kind. Work hard. No BS. No typicality. No explanations. No comparisons. Be magical. She was the epitome of this culture without ever hearing those words from me. She showed me that I'm doing this whole life thing pretty well too. If I could just describe her wonderful qualities and be compared to her, well...I'm doing at least part of this thing right.

So today, I present to you all my very first Monday Maven, makeup artist Suylen Chavira! I've given her some pretty trippy concepts and she's always surpassed my expectations. My models plead for her to do their makeup. They text me before they get to the shoot to try to secure her! I'm proud of her. I'm proud of the way she only competes with herself. She wants to be the best artist she can be. She wants her clients to be the best they can be. She's genuinely invested in the process and in the work. I really want to encourage you all to visit her Instagram feed. She's got really great makeup inspo on there. You'll probably just stay to stalk her gorgeous selfies! Find her here!