Be Bold!

Hey, Lovelies!

Being bold and unapologetically myself are two character traits I've worked hard to have. I've always been a bit quirky. I remember being in college in Arkansas and seeing the stares and hearing the comments about my OOTD. Honestly, it never really bothered me. I like being different. Why would I ever want to dull myself? 

Here I am a million years later and still walking to the beat of my own drum. So this post is for you: the free thinkers, quirky dressers, the wild eyed business owner. The one who might not fit in with the masses. The I'll-try-anything-oncer. The my-boss-doesn't-approve-of-this-outfit chick. The boss chick who doesn't quite fit the rest of the managerial crew. The girl who goes against the grain and does exactly what makes you happy.

Society only sees the art you exude. Nobody knows that being different is a struggle. That maintaining a sense of self in a world that would otherwise force feed you conformity is a self-waging war. Kudos for breaking the mold and being a wolf in a world full of sheep. You inspire me!