December Mood + Monthly Goals

The month is rushing by pretty quickly, isn't it!? December is always an exciting time and I'm happy to be well into holiday festivity and spending a lot of time sitting with my thoughts and plans for 2017. Things have been changing a lot for me lately and everything is a little up in the air but in the best way possible. Sometimes you have to shake it all up to find your footing again.

I've been able to spend a lot of time getting back into my old rhythm, gather a ton of inspiration and make some pretty big plans. While most of December is usually spent in preparation for the holidays, there are a few things I'd like to get done before the new year:

creative projects // I'm slowly getting back into creating things for myself and I'm loving it. I have editorials lined up and some ideas I'd love to execute soon. I want to use my time this month to actually schedule and plan these projects instead of just dreaming.

get grounded // I've found myself wanting to spend a lot of time nesting and re-centering. I'm hoping to continue sprucing our place, continue spending a lot of time with my thoughts and dive into all of the things that make me feel grounded. I've rediscovered a love of music and quiet time, found the urge to start bullet journaling and developed a general desire to buck the system. In true introvert fashion, I've turned inward and want to continue doing that work in preparation for the new year.


*All photos sourced from Pinterest