November Goals

Thank God for Novembers! They keep me sane. Halloween is over. My mom and guy's birthdays are on the horizon and definitely our official kickoff to the holiday season. The air is still warm here but at least the leaves are crunchy. I've spent the last two weeks online ordering sweaters (even though it's 80+ degrees everyday). Things feel fresh and new. It's just magical.

This year has been one of evaluation and introspection. I've sometimes felt overwhelmed with ideas. So my monthly goals list has me feeling nervous and excited:

Start new projects: Some of these are long-term and others are immediately attainable. Making the blog more purposeful, launching new projects, and continuing to build success in 2017 are high on the list. I'm almost completely booked up with projects until May already so planning ahead is a must. It feels like a huge undertaking but I'm getting the ball rolling.

Blog more regularly: Self-explanatory.

Embrace this circle of compassion I'm in: I've started separate social media accounts for my framily and I don't hate it. Releasing overload and embracing this circle has been phenomenal! The love! The conversations! The moments! I absolutely love this moment in my life. It's as close to perfect as possible, and I'm so thankful.

I revisited my October goals, and I'm doing pretty well. Creating boundaries has gone smoothly but there's always room for improvement. Freelancing more has caused me to feel more at peace. All in all, I'm keeping my goals and I'm excited to focus on new ones this month!