ENGAGEMENT: Soon and Nick

About a month or so back, I'd asked one of my favorite beauties, Soon if she'd be interested in shooting a pretty bridal inspiration editorial. Luckily, she was available. I love Soon on a real level! She's funny, daring, kind, and obviously beautiful. We've done several projects together but never a proper bridal shoot, and I could not wait!

Soon and I have a habit of messaging each other about 100 times after we've established a shoot date. We talk about everything and nothing all at once. Well, during one of these random tangents, I got a friend request from Soon's BOYFRIEND! I'd met Nick once or twice and I felt like he could be the one. I knew the second I saw his name in my notifications that he was going to propose. I screamed like an idiot but continued to message with Soon nonchalantly. Nick messaged me a day or two later and let me in on his plan. He was indeed going to propose to Soon! And...he wanted to do it at OUR photo shoot! Well, my little heart all but burst. I couldn't wait to witness such a special moment for these two. I immediately contacted Erin Wilson (our fabulous photographer for the day) and she was down! I even went so far as to message Suylen (who may or may not have been out of the country at the time...I'm still not sure) and my sweet emoji queen was all over it! She was my official partner in secret keeping the day of.

On shoot day, I just wanted it over with! I was excited for the shoot, but I wanted Nick to pop the question already!  There were a few times I thought: I. JUST. CAN'T but I acted like an adult. Luckily I had Suly with me. She held the ring, styled the table, AND did Soon's makeup. Plus, she was there for silly excited whispers and giggles. (Have I mentioned that Suly is THE best!?! Well, she is.)

At the end of the shoot, Erin gave the signal and Nick walked directly over to Soon. He dropped to one knee and spoke sweetly and quietly to Soon. Poor Soon was so stunned and almost confused at first! Once he placed the ring on her finger, they embraced and kissed like only people who truly love each other do. It was so pure and honest. Over the past thirteen years, I've met a lot of couples. I've seen all kinds of relationships. Now I can tell the difference between fantasy and real love. Real love is quiet. Nick was so soft spoken with Soon. He didn't need to emote for us because this moment was for Soon and him. Real love understands. As we all showered Soon with well wishes afterward, we basically forgot about Nick for a second but he seemed to forgive us rather quickly. He patiently waited for us and smiled as we congratulated her and ooh'd and aah'd over her most exquisite engagement ring. As Soon cried and allowed him to kiss her forehead, she repeatedly whispered to Nick how much she loved him. That's real love, and it was an honor to watch these two promise to start a life together.

As Erin photographed the couple, I wiped away even more tears and remembered why I love working in this industry. You're surrounded by love every single day. Every day! You're blessed to be let in on the greatest secrets-proposals, wedding dress selections, elopements. How could you have a hard heart when you are lucky enough to be enveloped in such beauty and love?  I'm thankful to Nick to allow us to be a very small part of their love story. It means a lot. I wish Soon and Nick the very best as they embark on the greatest adventure they'll ever have. Hugs to you both!

Take a peek at the lovely documentation Erin did of that special day...