October Goals

I have such a strong affinity for the month of October! Nostalgia always sets in when the air gets a little crisper. Somehow the presence of falling leaves and the Crock Pot being pulled from the pantry motivates me to refocus and get the ball rolling in ways that the New Year doesn't.

With every new month also comes a new mindset, and I must admit, I've been loving this overhaul. The past month has been a transitional time and I've been thinking a lot about priorities and opportunities. As I've shifted my perspective back to joy, these are the goals I've been working to accomplish:

Create boundaries and balance:

This summer was busy! The sheer amount of plates I've been spinning has been wild. I've been lucky enough to release and downshift. This month I've focused on releasing negativity and drama, being in the moment, not pressuring myself to create and being wise about my interactions. I'm investing in people and activities that are worth my time.

Pursue passion projects:

Although I've been creating a lot of fun things, I want to make an effort to create a few things just because. Whether it be more low-key shoots or finally finishing my gallery walls at home, I'm excited to get my hands dirty!

Begin the first steps of something different:

I've been thinking a lot about LLE and what it offers you. There are many things I'm passionate about. Now that blogging is full-time, it feels like the perfect time to expand my content. I have something cool planned and am grateful that October is the month I got the ball rolling!

I love getting my thoughts and ambitions out in a written format. I'm forever thankful for my readers!