How NYBFW Has Renewed My Faith In Bridal Fashion

I'll confess. I haven't been feeling Bridal Fashion Week for a while. The past couple of seasons didn't really excite me and I've been getting increasingly bummed out with the state of social media sharing. Then there's the nagging feeling that designers keep churning out the same pieces show after show and calling it something new.

However, the excitement of scrolling through these fanciful fashions and dramatic presentations has injected my spirit with a much needed kick! And guess what? I'm not mad about it! Something about this NYBFW is completely different. I've rediscovered a fervor for seeing my favorite designers trot out a #girlsquad in full regalia. I'm inspired again and actually kept up with everything that happened in the city with a real obsession.

There was a new attitude in New York. Presentations were moodier, models were model-off-duty-er, and there was a newfound sense of cool surrounding the tents. I loved all the bts snapshots. Leave it to the backstage chaos of NYBFW to cement why I love what I do, remind me of where I want to go, and to inspire me, and to add to my to do list!

You can see all of my favorites on the Pinterest board I created specifically to New York Bridal Fashion Week