5 Good Things

Good things come in fives...or they do in my life anyway.

1. I set some beautiful boundaries at LLE

I encountered some people who felt maybe I owed them things that I didn't. I fought to show gratitude but that somehow seemed to evolve into unyielding arrogance. Then one day, my sweet guy reminded me, "You owe these people nothing. You owe yourself, your name, and your clients. No more. No less. This thing ran its course months ago. Let that shit go." So...I set some boundaries. I knew if I was honest and set the standards for everyone that I set for LLE in 2013, negative energy would be shed. It was shed within hours, and at the end, I realized I was smiling! Actually smiling! I was so happy I'd already invited positive beings in and made room for the negative ones to exit.

2. I got to watch a couple of my dearest friends tie the knot. It was such a fun experience to style and attend the wedding. I actually got to be present as a guest, and it was an honor.

3. I'm putting the final tweaks on new projects that I love, some video ideas in the works, and more shoots on the books this week, I'm finding my blogging groove. Although it's still a little intimidating and challenging, writing is quickly becoming an obsession again. I can't wait to create more and share more!

4. Fall is here and I'm excited for all of the change it brings! I'm looking forward to cooler weather, more opportunity, and that sense of newness you used to feel at the start of the school year. Big things are brewing behind the scenes of this blog, and I'm thankful.

5. I've been feeling a bigger pull to focus on non-traditional work. I'm motivated by my eclectic group of friends. I'm hoping the seasonal change will continue to usher in better people, positive energy, and more jolts of inspiration!