Thanksgiving Reminder

Every once in a while I take these technology breaks. I turn my phone completely off. No social media, no texts, nothing. I love these times. It's like a mental rejuvenation thing for me. I decided early Thanksgiving Day to take a break.  I didn't turn my phone back on until yesterday evening--late. 

I was flooded with engagement notifications, baby announcements, and even discovered one friend was leaving a 10+ year career to work for a non-profit.  My heart was filled with so much joy for my friends! As I continued scrolling and replying, I noticed someone who I can best describe as a dark cloud popped up on my phone. I took a moment, said a prayer, and ventured off into the storm thinking I could be a shining ray of light. Maybe just maybe I'd been too quick to judge.  Maybe this was an opportunity for me to be kind to someone in need or in pain. Maybe this was a learning lesson for me.  I honestly didn't know. Without dredging up ugliness, let's skip to the end.

It turned out the lesson was mine. I need to remember my life could be so different. I could not have the support system I call family in my life. I could let the challenges overwhelm me and lash out at everyone around me. I'm thankful for the reminder to be thankful. So even though Thanksgiving 2015 has come and gone, I'll spend today being extra thankful. Turns out the cliche is true: behind every dark cloud is a silver lining.