Now...everybody wants to know what "Legado" means...it's Portuguese for Legacy. After seeing so many hashtags like: 

#TrayvonMartin, #BlackLivesMatter, #BlueLivesMatter, #HerNameWasSandraBland, #RafaelRamos, #WenjuinLiu, and what seems like countless others, I started scrolling. 

I scrolled through news stories and my Facebook and Instagram timelines. I was struck by the venom. Each time, it stung. It caused tears and such a pain in my heart, I couldn't seem to wrap my mind around it all. It seemed commonplace for people to be killed and the rest of us to sling hatred from our phones and keyboards. I consciously removed myself from all social media and decreased my news intake. I just couldn't do it anymore. When I decided to delve back into social media, I decided to do it in a different way. I removed many many "friends" on both sides of the racial divide. You can express your opinion but when you lower yourself to vulgarity, you're out. I still have lots of people on social media I completely disagree with on this issue but they expressed their opinions respectfully so we just disagree and for me that's okay. Once I weeded out the loudest, ugliest people out there, I could see such love, light, concern, and unity from others on these same social media sites. The tears flowed again but for a very different reason. The ache was just a bit less in my chest. 

I'd been struggling with pinning down a theme for this already scheduled shoot. I knew I wanted models of various ethnicities and colors just because I love that in a photo! Unfortunately, that's all I really knew. So, I decided to get away from the aesthetic and get down to the vertebrae. I wanted to go deeper. But...what did I want to see? So, in a haze, Legado spoke to me. It spoke quietly and lovingly. I was haunted for three weeks by Legado. I've never let a shoot wash over me the way this one did. I was obsessed. The first picture had to set the tone, but what? I knew Hispanic, African, Jewish, German, and Latino blood was coursing through the veins of these beautiful models. But still...where would I start? "The women" was the whispered answer. Having been raised by a woman I call a feminine feminist, I know that women are the backbone...the vertebrae. After a while, I could envision them standing gracefully, beautifully in an open space, connected. These gorgeous creatures intertwined and entangled. I started with that vision and Legado pretty much created itself from there. 

I'm grateful to so many people for this shoot and I'll list the team below, but I'm also grateful for the people I know personally or have met online that have faith in a better and brighter future. Take Legado as a prayer, an homage, a thank you for caring about this beautiful world and the souls that inhabit it. If you're not giving up, then neither am I.

Thank you to The Barn at Twin Oaks for providing the venue, all of the floral work, and styling. 

To Stephanie Parsley, Callie Talbert, and Truebadours Films, you women outdid yourselves capturing this shoot, and I'm so grateful. 

A super huge, heartfelt thank you to She Said Yes for the use of the dresses and accessories.  Without Jeri and Christin, this shoot would not have been nearly as beautiful.

The men's tuxedos came from Paul Morrell. A very special thanks to Shuntel for helping to make that happen!

The Glam Squad! Makeup was done by the incredible Karla Jaquez and Suylen Chavira. Hair was styled by the incomparable Chaz Gogel and Hayley Tucker.  Thank you all for your creativity, generosity, and talent!

Crystal Thomas of Made Divine designed a gorgeous invitation suite as well as spectacular custom menu cards. Your talent is boundless, and I'm so grateful!

To all of my pretty models: You all unknowingly became the muses for the shoot I love the most. Thank you, Corinne, Payton, Reichelle, Sydney, Tonia, Hein, and Lawrence.