Confession Time...

I don't always check my personal email...but when I do, there's literally hundreds of unanswered emails, love notes from friends, and spam. Tons and tons of spam. So a few months back, I was struggling with a (former) personal assistant and was extra behind. (Note to anyone with a business: if an assistant isn't assisting, fire them. Don't try to fix it. It's not worth your time.) Anyhow, about a week or so, I decided I'd purge my inbox of all the newsletter and blog emails that I never read. In the process, I came across an email from Solis Magazine.  I'd submitted my Spirit Bride campaign to them months earlier. Within eleven minutes, they'd accepted it! I was giddy (because I'm a goober). They'd asked me for a 1200 word editorial. I wrote it up, sent it over, and never heard back...or so I thought.  Turns out, they'd published it online and emailed me back. Unfortunately, because I don't always check my email, I'd missed it. So here's a link to this awesome shoot.  They totally cut the article but hey, I can't exactly complain several months later, right?

Spirit Bride

Model: Soon Howard

Photographer: Stephanie Parsley Photography

Makeup: Danielle Green

Hair: Alisha Davis King

Dress: Linda Rowe Thomas

Styling: LaDonna Lanier Events

 Spirit Bride Campaign

Spirit Bride Campaign