What I Do

These are individually inspired, completely customized bridal campaigns designed for the kind of brands that are bold. Simply contact me. let's talk, create, watch it go live, and wait for the compliments and clients to roll in. Your old campaigns are already jealous.

I'm from the south so people assume they know my aesthetic, but nope. I love anything related to art, music, and cult (out of the ordinary). My creative process is intense but I usually keep the crazy to myself. My working relationships are fun and informal. I work off of energy so I'll bring you my best and ask for the same in return. So after channeling my muses (you know: Maya Angelou, Madonna, Erykah Badu, Zora Neale Hurston, Frida Khalo, Rihanna, and Michelle Obama to name a few), I challenge the image of the innocent, offense-less bride and turn her into a wild femme.

I've got a personal affinity for Chucks AND Vans, graphic tees, and headwraps. Sometimes you'll find me eating cookies for breakfast, driving my guy's vintage stick shift Jeep. When I'm not working or sketching, you'll find me lost in my high stacks of books and vinyl, drinking Americanos. I'm real, wild, feminine, and unafraid, high style, chill, and always down for a new adventure.

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My Babes. Your Entourage...

These women came together to complete my vision for my brand, but guess what? They became my sisters.

These artists with their backgrounds in hair, makeup, photography help create the high quality visual content blessing the pages of this site right now. 

They're not another directory. The Entourage is a talented team of creatives who's been handpicked by me to enhance your brand's aesthetic.


You and Me...

I'm pretty bomb. You must be crazy cool because you've made it this far.

Bring your goals, dreams, and ambitions. I'll bring the inspiration, concepts, models, and vendors to be an integral part of your business' success.

I'm obsessed with my clients. Our experience together is meaningful, memorable, and a bit irreverent. Just know, I love dramatic layouts, Beyonce, concept contrast, and ridiculous memes (tag me, boo!)

Wanna make some magic? Let's go.


Feeling a little uninspired? I can help...

I'm obsessed with IInstagram spending hours a week posting and tagging friends: Holler at my Insta situation.



Currently accepting 2018 bookings.

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